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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  November 17, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> reddy and disruptive. today protesters clogged the streets, tied up traffic sending a message that we are not going away. that is a big story tonight. i in rod daniels. the two month mark comes with a crackdown across the nation. occupy protesters organized a day of action today. more than one dozen cities took action across the coast. police said one man was taken into custody for throwing liquid, possibly vinegar, it to several officers faces. on the west coast, about 500 demonstrators marched through the bank of america plaza in downtown los angeles. about two dozen arrested there. they tried to march from there and came into city hall but were stopped by police when they spilled from a sidewalk into the street grid the state of action
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marks a turning point during >> i think what they succeeded in doing is shifting the conversation. now it has to be how can it switch from that to a more pragmatic and practical outcome on the policy level. >> in baltimore and several other cities, occupy protesters were joined by unions and advocacy groups. to highlight the scene of failing infrastructure and not enough jobs, they marched across the bridge. >> a lot of people associate the tents out here with the all -- occupy baltimore movement. we met up with other grass-roots organizations to make their fights known. >> protesters in baltimore and marched across the howard street bridge demanding to bridge the gap between the 99% and wealthiest 1%.
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>> all of these folks here are the customers of wall street endicott -- companies that wall street is trying to represent. austria is not paying attention to the needs of its customers. >> he says his education at the university taught him the importance of social justice. that is why he joined hundreds of other protesters to speak out against corporate greed your >> that is why a lot of the trading and credit default swaps and things like? are gimmicks that really do not add value to our country. >> event organizers say the demands of this demonstration were similar to those and other cities. >> we needed to bridge the gap and bring jobs back here to baltimore city. we need to put americans back to work. expert testers demand politicians investing crumbling
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infrastructure by the horrible conditions at the school. >> i am fed up with a rodent and rats and roaches. i am fed up with bathrooms that smell of us who were. i am fed up with cracks in the floor. holes in the ceiling. i think our kids deserved better. >> protesters hope their demand will not fall on deaf years. >> earlier this week stephanie rawlings blake said is illegal for people to camp out here but it is unclear how long it will be enforced. >> thank you. on our website you can't share your photos and see pictures from occupied demonstrations in baltimore and across the country. just go to and click on ulocal. >> a new poll not only has house speaker newt gingrich in the top tier, but he is also a front
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runner. if fox this poll shows him in a tie with mitt romney for first place. herman cain is numbers have a faltered since being accused of sexual harassment and an apparent lack of foreign-policy knowledge. he is down 15%, down nine points from last month's poll. kane and now had secret service protection. the secret service won't say exactly why. reports show homeland security secretary janet the paulette, authorized the detail. more news this evening, a west baltimore man said police served a warrant in his home looking for drugs. he said the problem is they had the wrong guy. kite reid joins us with this story. >> that search warrant was served in wilkens ave. he was watching tv with his
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friends when he heard a loud banging at his front door. >> i immediately jumped up. i thought somebody was trying to rob me. >> it turns out the people banging on his door and west of baltimore were police officers. >> he says we have a warrant for possession of drugs and weapons. i said i believe you have the wrong house. he said we have the right house. >> for officers kicked in the dora and handcuffed his friends and searched the stores for 30 or 40 minutes per >> i informed than the had the wrong house. >> the war concluded his address cut names he did not recognize. he moved into the house for months ago. baltimore city police public information officer told us that his office is waiting for an administrative report on the case and called it an active
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investigation. brooks he believes there are weapons still in this house. but they still left. if you believe something is in this house, why did you leave? >> he showed us his be up front door pure "i am still traumatized over the way he came in. >> his landlord fixed the lock first thing in the morning per >> there is no apology. if you are wrong, you should say you are wrong. we all make mistakes. >> they believe the had the right physical location but they are still investigating details surrounding the case. armstrong says he is looking into filing a complaint with the police department. >> tonight we are hearing from good will after three store robberies and baltimore county in less than one week. we told you about the latest in telson. the same place that had been hit last friday. the suspect entered through the back of the store and put a gun to an employee's back and
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demanded cash pretty head of good will told 11 news that the robbers cannot come at a worse time. >> we provide training and job placement services. it is disturbing and this economy as we have seen our increase for people needing services go up that we have experienced in these robbery's pretty takes away from our ability to help people. >> if you have information on the robberies where the attempted robbery, you are urged to call baltimore county police. police say new information leads them to believe that the back- to-back home invasion rips over the weekend are related. baltimore police say they were victims within 3 miles of each of the parade one in west baltimore and the other on the east side. both and says -- both incidents came through a first floribunda and a blindfolded the women. police are reviewing footage for clues.
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tonight we are hearing from the lawyer for two and sas children they were sexually abused by former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky. what has been identified, the other is not. the attorney also addressed how his client feel about the handling of the case from penn state. >> frustration with the fact that this was not met in the bought earlier. i think the real anger and frustration in this case at this point is directed at mr. sandusky. >> also today, the new york times reporter that several years of documents are missing from sandusky's charity, the second mile. authorities are concerned that it might limit their ability to find out if it helped them buy their silence or recruit new victims. still ahead, another announcement from rod smith one month after going public about
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his cancer diagnosis. in salmonella scare, see if peanut butter in your cabinet is on our recall list. >> just give me my dog back. >> pat honors be aware of humans. stolen pac cases are on the widespread what happens after pets are swiped. >> snow showers in the great lakes. a sure sign a cold air is heading this way. the seven-day forecast a hit. right now we are at 38 degrees
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>> the recall is for the 16 ounce jars of natural chunky peanut butter.
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the charge would have been purchased in the last week or so and have a best if used dates of august 3, 2012 and august for 2012. go to to see the production codes that are included in this particular recall. the data shows that more maryland years have put out their cigarettes and started lighting up cigars. they have triggered a new public health campaign. the new effort is aimed at educating teens about the harmful effects of all tobacco products including what they call cheap flavored cigars. >> the trap is to take something that is toxic, something that has poisoned and chemicals in it and put it in something that is attractive and make it an expensive and accessible. >> the campaign will be launched in mid december. we have a rather sad announcement from our longtime friend and colleague, ron smith.
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as you recall, long -- ron announced he was battling pancreatic cancer. >> i am no longer on chemotherapy. after consultations, it was determined that that was a feudal way to go. therefore, i have ceased to that there will not be any second round of chemotherapy. instead, we are doing a palliative care of them will resulted down the road in home hospice care. >> certainly not the news any of us wanted to hear. he will stay on the air as long as he possibly can. if you would like to send him messages of support, you can do so. you can find a link on the front page of our website a baltimore couple desperately wants their dog that back.
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they say he was stolen from them right on the street grid david collins investigates, it seems to be part of a disturbing trend. >> three-year old the defense is a victim of dog kidnapping. snatched out of the arms of her owner. it happened during a routine midnight stroll in northeast baltimore. >> we were just destroy it. he had put his hand on me. -- we were just strolling. i am talking to him. i said it back up. i do not know you. >> he told us the assailant grabbed the dog and fled on foot. jill chased after him to -- before he became too wanted to continue. >> he said he was stolen. i was like, are you joking? they plastered fliers all over the neighborhood. they contacted of veterinarians
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and dog groomers and got the word out. he that is worth much more than the way should sues fed to these days. >> i cried. i cannot to press charges pre just give me my dog back. that is all i want. >> i just broke down and started sobbing. i said, they have stolen my baby. >> we do not know how many pets like the defense have been stolen because police did not keep track. >> the american kennel club received 150 reports of stolen pets. for the same time it this year, 224. a 67% increase. they are being stolen out of parked cars, home invasions, and snatched while homeowners have them out for a walk. >> for a first time, they have seen a trend from shoppers and adoption event. >> she says stolen pets are
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often resold on the internet for an easy balked. more disturbing is how they are used in the baltimore area as bait for dogfighting rings. >> they always need it played dogs for the fighting dogs to learn care killing skills on. they need debate. they will pay for some of the eight dogs. >> last november police broke up a pit bull ring. animal control officers believe some puppies recovered were being used as bait. some pets are stolen and used for ransom. he and his older brother escapes from their backyard. 21-year-old walker called the talks are saying he found them but he wanted money for the return. >> you have to give me $200 per
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>> during the dogmatic, scuba was accidently struck and killed by a car. he was sentenced for 18 months in jail and it paid $1,500 for the loss of spooky. -- scooby. >> even though i am getting ready to get another dog, i want my diva to come home. >> dog advocates suggest not buying through craigslist. do not leave them unintended in the vehicle or yard. >> baltimore police tell us they are not ready to tell how many pets are stolen because they are considered property. it is considered robbery or larceny and not broken down by what is taken.
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the american kennel club has additional safety tips to help you protect your pet. it can find them on our website >> it is getting cold out here and still kind of breezy parade a combination feeling a little winterly around the region. we did not see a lot of snow out here but in the mountains there were showers. you to the north and west there are still some snow showers coming in off of lake erie. the chill is on. a big turnaround from where we were at the beginning of the week. the high temperature was in the upper 70's. now we will see the big finish with clear than normal temperatures. the low for the day, current temperature is 45 at the airport. temperatures have been falling steadily through the late afternoon and early evening. record high 75 and a record low
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25 degrees. it will be chilly out there. we have seen members get close to freezing. opera 30's to low 40's on the eastern shore. it is quite cold in western maryland. winds are coming in at about 15 miles per hour. still getting winds gusting in the low 20s in cambridge. falling temperatures in a bit of a breeze, there is a windchill to factor in tonight. feeling like the 20's in the upper separates. prepare for a cold friday morning. it will be sunny across the region tomorrow parade clear sky etc. sprayed 63 degrees in the morning. the wind shift gradually diminish. here is the cloud cover. our weather will be dominated by big strong high pressure coming in from the south and west.
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it will hang with us the route to the weekend. chile tomorrow. highs in the upper 40's. a little below normal. a sunset tomorrow evening at 4:50. it would diminish a bit in the afternoon. in western maryland, we will see lots of sunshine tomorrow. a high of 41. eastern shore, it has been breezy and cold in the morning but a nice recovery heading through the weekend. into the 60's on sunday. not a bad finish at all. chilly start in ocean city but temperatures will warm produce the sun in the forecast on friday, saturday, and the senate. insta-weather futurecast shows clear skies taking us right through saturday. it looks like the rain states to the west through the afternoon and early evening. the ring chance does not hit baltimore until sunday night
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into monday. great weather for the ravens, sunday. partly cloudy up to 60 on sunday. slight chance for showers on sunday and monday, he big trouble day on wednesday. maybe some rain in the morning but it will clear out in the afternoon. thanksgiving day looking pretty good with partly cloudy and 50. >> 31, 22, 32, 6, 29, 2.
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>> it has become increasingly popular to hammer on the offensive coordinator of the grievance for not giving the ball givingray rice. in the spirit of fairness, the ravens have to do more things as a team to get rice the ball. the ravens fell behind early and returned the ball over early. ray rice needs more than five carries, but you will not get there from plating from behind. >> nobody wants to give ray the
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ball more than we do as the south. sometimes circumstances dictate -- now you are trying to close -- there were up to a guy instead of handing it to him. in the overall sense of the season, he needs to get the ball as much or any -- or more than anybody in the league. >> aj green weeds receptions this season remains questionable for sunday's game against the ravens. he sprained his knee on his touchdown catch against the pittsburgh steelers. he has not practiced since. the decision to play on sunday will likely come late sunday morning. and its first two against this season, but maryland's basketball team has had only two of 21 shots from behind the three-point line. this afternoon alabama marked the terps in the tip off. they fell behind early and never felt caught up.
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on the final seconds of the first half, the turks trying to dig out of a big hole. sean moseley 43 predict cuts alabama's lead to 16 at the break. second half, the maryland terps -- nice spin move to the lan. the only nine points today. trevor lacy with a best. alabama ticks down maryland 62- 42 per the maryland it hurts fall to 1-1. the first half up one. brian, had its 27 points both career highs. walker and knocks down a three and pulls them within one spread them on the next possession, correct mix a move on a mate. greyhound's go on to win 73-63
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over umbc. for the first time since 2005 someone other than jimmy johnson will win the sprint copper it comes up to carl edward and tony stewart. say this fort stewart, he does not hide behind cliches when he talks about strategy. >> i will read your mom to win a championship. high respect him as a driver. this is not about friendships this weekend. this is a battle. this is for a national championship. it is no holds barred this weekend. i did not come this far to let it slip away. we will go for it brickworks the moral of the store, keep your mom off the road this sunday. >> he will wreck your mom.
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>> partly hollywood's a list is embracing the golden globes have confirmed or teacher they will be back. the british actor returns for a third time after a few of his one-liners upset some a list is
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pretty after meeting with officials last month, he decided he was up for stepping on a few more toes. the "-- the golden globes will take place right here on abc. we turn our sights to whether pierre >> and a list of forecast. >> some where it is a list. it's cold out there right now. sunny skies, that will be nice. 55 degrees on saturday. a couple of sprinkles or light showers monday night. at least it will be a bright sunny day. >> it is a forecast. >> it is a forecast per >> that is a look at the news. thank you for joining us. good night.
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